The Complete Guide to Using TikTok for Personal and Professional Purposes
TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms right now, with more than 1 billion active users every month.

This tutorial will help you make your first TikTok pfp, which is the first step if you’re just starting out with TikTok.

The right TikTok profile picture size, how to set up your TikTok profile picture, tips and ideas for making a good profile picture, and a lot more will all be covered in this in-depth guide.

What Size Should My TikTok Profile Picture Be?

TikTok mandates that profile pictures be at least 20 by 20 pixels. While there is no hard and fast rule, 200 by 200 pixels seems to be the sweet spot for TikTok profile pictures. Your profile picture will then display clearly and crisply on all mobile devices.
The issue of resizing images is irrelevant. If you need assistance resizing an existing image so that it fits properly in your TikTok profile, you can use one of the many available online services. One of these is the photo editor on Fotor. Picture resizing to custom dimensions is easy with this tool.

Methods to Make Your TikTok Profile Pop

It’s crucial that your TikTok profile picture accurately reflects who you are. If you’re looking for some ideas for your Tiktok profile picture, here are a few.

To Take a Picture of Oneself

When creating a profile on TikTok, a selfie is a popular choice. When you want your followers to get to know you better, this is a great way to do it.

There are a lot of great photo editing apps out there that can help you give your selfies that extra something. Create a visually appealing pfp for TikTok by applying various filters, converting the photo to black and white, adding a glitter background, and so on.

If you’re using TikTok to advertise a product or service you own, you can set your logo as your profile picture. That way, your listeners will be able to quickly and easily place you.

Be sure your logo image is of sufficient quality and size for use as your profile picture.

Character Design for an Animated Role Model

TikTok has seen a surge in the popularity of animated PFPs. It’s a great way to show off your individuality without compromising your privacy.

TikTok’s PFPs range from popular animated characters to a blank canvas for you to design your own. As an example, it provides a wide variety of cartoon characters to use as avatars. There are also a number of ways to alter an avatar’s visual presentation to suit your tastes. It’s a quick and easy way to make a cute pfp for TikTok.

You and the things you love, captured in a photograph

Since TikTok is meant to be a fun place to share content, a humorous profile picture is not frowned upon. Make use of a picture depicting someone or something you adore. Everything from a picture of your pet or car to a plate of your favourite food or a snapshot from your most recent vacation counts.

Is There a Way to Swap Out My TikTok Profile Pic?

Changing or creating a TikTok profile picture is simple by adhering to these instructions.

  • Launch TikTok on your mobile device, and then select your profile picture by tapping the Me icon in the app’s navigation menu.
  • Select the Profile Edit menu option.
  • Select from the gallery by tapping Change Photo after you’ve done so.
  • Click the Save button after you’ve decided on the photo you want to use as your TikTok profile picture. Well, that settles it.

Tips for Making a Great TikTok PFP

Using Fotor’s pfp creator, creating a pfp for TikTok couldn’t be simpler. What I mean is this:

To begin: Visit and select the “Create a design” tab.
2. Enter “profile picture” into the search bar to bring up a selection of pre-made pfp layouts.

Third, look through the available profile picture layouts and pick the one you like best.
A user’s profile picture can be added by dragging and dropping the image onto the canvas. Then, you can start customising your photo in any way you like by adjusting the lighting, changing the colours, adding borders, stickers, and filters, and much more. Customising your photo with high quality is chance to get view on larger audience.

If you take a photo and don’t like the setting, you can quickly and easily eliminate it with Fotor’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence background remover.
The sixth and final step is to circle crop your finished photo to the TikTok profile picture size. Create a high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF of your profile picture to take with you.

How to Get the Perfect Profile Pic for Tik Tok

Follow these guidelines to take a stellar profile picture for TikTok that will attract more fans and viewers.

Make sure you have adequate lighting; natural light is preferable. Your skin will glow and fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable in the bright light of natural daylight.

A sheet of white paper held in front of the face can be used as an alternative to good natural light.

Pose and take a picture of yourself at the ideal angle for your profile

Taking your profile picture at the right angle can have a significant impact. If you want to look your best, you should take a picture from an angle that emphasises those features. You can try out various poses and positions to see what works best.

Maintain a clutter-free and uncluttered backdrop

The context of your pfP is often overlooked, but it is just as crucial as the topic itself. People pay as much attention to you if they have to focus on the clutter or activity in the background. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a clutter-free and uncomplicated backdrop.

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