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The “Luke Arm” for Carrie , USA. Ret.


Carrie’s 8 year Army career abruptly ended because of an accident that left her an amputee.  Carrie was medically retired in November of 1995, leaving behind a Military career she greatly enjoyed.


But, ever the volunteer, and with a passion to continue to serve, especially the men and women of her former military family, and with no expectation of the events that will now unfold 


To Carrie’s great surprise, Independence Corps Foundation, last week reached out to her and told Carrie she was our first candidate for her own Luke Arm.





Now, I’m asking you to help make this so.


With her new arm, Carrie will carry the message and call to arms far and wide, so that our Veterans Administration and nonprofits like Independence Corps, Infinite Hero Foundation and others will provide similar highly advanced robotic arms to the hundreds of other veteran upper limb amputees, giving them back a level of true independence unimaginable just a few short years ago.


The Luke Arm is an expensive piece of technology. We need some very generous donations to make this happen, so if you can, reach as deep as you can to help us.


The price tag of a Luke Arm starting at the shoulder, like Carrie is getting, is almost $180,000.00