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What makes Spartan Alliance different: We are 100% All Volunteer.

Every donation goes directly back to the Veteran programs we promote

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3rd Annual Spartan Weekend at The Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

September 26-29 2019


The 3rd Annual Spartan Weekend at The Scarlet Pearl,  Spartan Alliance brings in more than 50 Veterans and their Caregivers/spouses for a complete 4 days, three nights of fun, camaraderie, art therapy, music, and a lot of honor. The weekend activities culminate with the Warfighter Gala.

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Warfighter Gala Keynote Speaker
Medal of Honor Recipient

Gary Littrell (born October 1944) is a retired United States Army Command Sergeant Major who, while a Sergeant First Class serving as an adviser to Army of the Republic of Vietnam's Ranger units during the Vietnam War, acted with extraordinary courage during a four-day siege on his battalion — for which he received the Medal of Honor.


 Gary Littrell

Warfighter Gala Keynote Speaker

Jacob Schick

CEO - #22kill

Jacob Schick, Chief Executive Officer for 22KILL, is a third-Chick, Chief Executive Officer for 22KILL, is a third-generation Marine who epitomizes service and sacrifice. After a triple-stacked tank mine detonated below his vehicle in Al Anbar Province, Iraq in 2004, Jake suffered compound fractures in his left leg and left arm; multiple skin, ligament and bone losses; varying burns; partial loss of his left hand and arm; amputation below the knee of his right leg, traumatic brain  injury, (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Warfighter Gala Musical Entertainment
Eli Seals Band

Eli Seals Band has patriotism seeping out of their pores. A group out of Louisianna. Their song, Sing, Pledge, Pray will have you standing at attention.


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