As a result of the proliferation of material on social media platforms, it can be challenging for smaller businesses to get noticed. Even though Wix provides all the resources you need to make a website with a powerful online presence, there is no silver bullet or enchanted creature that will make your social media posts just as popular. However, after years of overseeing various social media profiles, we have a firm grasp on what kinds of posts get the best engagement and results.

We looked back over the past few years of Facebook postings and compiled a list of the most successful ones. To further organise the content, we divided it into four distinct types of posts. We did it not to boast (though we are proud), but to demonstrate that all it takes to increase participation is a few well-considered strategies and a regular plan of action. Make sure to modify these strategies to fit the specifics of your business, and then sit around waiting for the shares and likes to roll in.

The most influential of our thoughts for social media posts

Original and amusing social media updates

Use this type of post to build relationships with your followers by providing stuff they can relate to. People are more likely to like and share your content and engage with it if they can either relate to the scenarios you write about (which should be relevant to your business specialty) or get a good laugh out of it.

Exciting updates on social media

These pieces are crafted with social media interaction in mind, capitalising on the fact that individuals enjoy talking about their thoughts and feelings online. You may get people talking by asking them questions in your post that will get them thinking and talking to each other. You can ask them about their thoughts and feelings, their preferences in terms of lifestyle choices, what motivates them, the names of their pets, or even about the products you sell. Such a method can also be used for contests with prizes or just for the sake of friendly competition.

Facebook’s algorithms reward active community pages. Your post’s popularity will grow exponentially in proportion to the number of comments, likes, and shares it receives. There is no better digital feedback loop available. Seemingly, all you have to do to get a lot of feedback is to ask for it. Prepare to become engaged (even if you’re already married), offer something in return, and think of a variety of responses.

Social media updates with useful information

This content helps you establish yourself as an authority while also adding value to your audience’s experience. Your audience’s horizons can be broadened on any topic related to your expertise. Also, let them know about any new deals, products, or services you’re offering.

Have you ever noticed that the most shared items on Facebook are instructional videos or guides for how to perform common, everyday tasks around the house? Information that is useful to your followers does really well on social media. Advice in your area of expertise can be given. This will help you become known as an authority in your field and build your reputation.
In the background: Show the world the real faces behind the company by sharing personal anecdotes. People are the most relatable topic since they are so universal. More people will follow your lead if they see you to be open and honest online (and page).

Exhibit of Social Media Posts from Individual Users

Showing your customers how much you appreciate them by sharing their stories of success or testimonies is one of our favourite social media marketing strategies. Include encouraging customers to share their own social media postings that highlight your goods.

The content of a good comment, whether it be a picture of a text exchange, a comment on your Fb reviews, or a quote from a special page of your website, is your most successful marketing strategy because people these days are so focused on reviews. Post the positive feedback you get from your audience without hesitation.

Note: It’s a good idea to get organised.

Are you itching to broadcast your wit and wisdom to the masses in a blog post? Stop right there (or two). You, the small business owner, already know that the key to a winning advertising campaign is meticulous planning. By sticking to your social networking calendar, you’ll be able to schedule content creation and ensure that it gets done when it’s supposed to be posted.

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