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Reels vs. IGTV vs. Stories: Make the Most of Instagram Video

According to recent reports, Instagram, the world’s most famous “photo-sharing app,” is now trying to position itself as a video and entertainment platform. It implies that if the business needs to keep current, it’s time to expand your Instagram social media marketing beyond square images to incorporate video content. Instagram is keen to compete with YouTube & TikTok and has begun favoring video over images. So if you want to remain relevant on the site, include video in your marketing plan. There are now three distinct ways to upload video content on Instagram: Reels, IGTV, & Stories. What you want to know to achieve success with each of the three different forms is as follows:

1. A new Instagram Feature called Reels.

Reels is a new video player in the Instagram ecosystem. They are essentially Instagram’s take on TikTok-style short films. Reels can last up to 60 seconds, although most are in the 15 to 30-second range. Instagram makes it simple (and desirable) to modify your Reels directly from the app. On-screen buttons enable you to add a soundtrack, filters, as well as a variety of other effects to your video content. Although the content is exceptionally brief, Reels currently has the longest-lasting video posts on Instagram. As they’re new, Reels have garnered a lot of attention recently, and the Instagram algorithm may pick up on yours any time. So this may be the most excellent chance to buy Instagram reels views and get noticed by new prospects on the site.


IGTV is a video format that allows for the display of lengthy, high-quality films. If you post your IGTV material through the web, it may be up to 60 minutes in length. Consider IGTV to be Instagram’s answer to YouTube. It’s ideal for carefully edited, television-quality, in-depth content.

IGTV is the ideal format for businesses to display how-to material or instructive videos. Additionally, you might utilize this style to showcase lengthy interviews. Certain companies are using IGTV to produce their kind of “video podcasts” to advertise their company.

It’s critical to understand that, at the moment, one of the disadvantages of IGTV is that it doesn’t (yet) act as a search engine in the same way that YouTube does. Typically, the only convenient method to discover IGTV content is via a brand’s current Instagram page. If you are looking for a more in-depth approach to connect with your audience, you can buy IGTV views to acquire a sizable Instagram following.  

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are similar to what would happen if Snapchat & Facebook Live had such a love child. They don’t even have to be entirely video material; you may include static photos, stickers, and text as well. Instagram Stories is the platform’s most participatory format – you can make polls, embed posts, or collect audience comments. Additionally, you may go live and engage with Users in real-time. On the other hand, Instagram Stories are the most transient, lasting only 24 hours (unless you designate them as “Highlights” on your profile). Additionally, Instagram Stories are easily discoverable since they have their tab at the top of the application and displayed in search results. Therefore, if you have some breaking news to communicate that your audience wants to hear NOW, Stories may be the correct format for you.

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