You can also mail donations to;

Independence Corps/Spartan Alliance

          13770 Noel Rd. 803524

                Dallas, TX 75240

What makes Spartan Alliance different: We are 100% All Volunteer.

Every donation goes directly back to the Veteran programs we promote

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Spartan Alliance Programs     

 How do we help?

What does it cost?

All Terrian Wheelchairs

 $16,000 will provide a Veteran with severe mobility issues, an All-Terrain chair. An outdoor wheelchair!  Many veterans that have been traumatically wounded are unable to enjoy the outdoors as they once did. Sand, snow, gravel and water are no match for All-Terrain Wheelchairs!

Hyperbaric Treatment

$10,000 Cover a 30 day comprehensive Hyperbaric Program.   Studies have been conducted using HBOT as an alternative therapy to medication. These studies have shown that patients receiving these treatments had a dramatic increase in cognitive abilities, improved recovery in motor skills and a significant decrease in PTSD symptoms.


 $5000 puts a Veteran with Mobility issues in a recumbent Bike or hand cranked cycle, giving this Veteran the opportunity to participate in ways they thought to be impossible and often creating a well-deserved healthy choice for family activities.

Road Bikes

 $2000 puts a Veteran suffering from PTSD in a road bike so they can participate in daily activities with their families and peers.  In addition, this gives the Veteran the opportunity to participate in various rides throughout the year. It is a well-known fact that any form of exercise helps improve feelings of wellness in addition to the other tangible health benefits of making exercise a part of your life.


 $1000 covers lodging, food and transportation during one of the many pillars of support we provide to caregivers. Respite, retreats, counseling, and childcare just to name a few. Caregivers truly are hidden heroes!

Spartan Weekend Travel

 $1000 covers a Veteran & Caregivers lodging, food and transportation during the Spartan Weekend at the Scarlet Pearl Casino scheduled October 11-14, 2018. The Spartan Weekend retreat that offers education, fun and generate awareness of the risks of suicide.