Do you use Instagram for your company?

Curious about how to do an Instagram audit?

Learn how to analyse your Instagram audience, content performance (including posts, stories, and ads), and more with the help of Instagram Insights.

The Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an in-app analytics service that gives you feedback on your content and information about your audience’s demographics and activity. Content, campaigns, and the performance of individual postings can all be compared with ease with the help of this data.

Instagram Insights is only available to those with a business profile. If you transition from a personal to a business account, you’ll gain access to Insights for all future posts. All of your Insights data will be deleted if you ever convert your business account back to a personal one.
Now that you know how to go into Instagram Insights, I’ll show you where to look for the information that will help your company.

Investigate the Characteristics and Actions of Your Followers

The demographic breakdown of your followers, including their age, gender, and location, is summarised in the Followers area of the Insights webpage. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 100 fans in order to view demographic info.
If you click See More, another page will load with charts detailing the demographics of your followers. Follower information can be broken down in a number of ways.

  • Age distribution by sex
  • Best places to go (countries and cities)
  • When (in terms of both time and days) you can expect to see me online
  • Knowing the demographics of your followers allows you to gauge whether or not you’re successfully communicating with your intended audience on the platform.

You may also use this information to refine the focus of your Instagram ads. To find more people like the ones who already follow you, you could, for instance, focus on the characteristics of your current audience.

In the section labelled “Followers,” you’ll see two bar charts depicting the times of day when your followers are most active. Examine the first graph to see at what times of day your followers are the most active.
Examine when your followers are most active online and on what days to determine the best times to post your material. Make sure to post at times when your target demographic is most likely to be online.

Article Viewing Statistics

Instagram provides both a high-level overview of post data and detailed analytics for each individual post.

Sort Post Information based on Category, Metric, and Date Range

Your most recent three posts will be displayed in the Posts section of the Insights homepage. To read further entries, select the See More link.
The aggregate views for all of your posts over the past year are displayed in the Posts section by default.
You can filter this information by tapping one of the blue links near the page’s header.

Categories of content

Feedback, interaction, views, likes, shares, and saves are all metrics that can be measured.
Days, weeks, months, and years are presented.
Using the filters, you may isolate the specific information you need to evaluate targets, campaigns, and top-performing articles.

Some examples of measurable short-term objectives are:

  • Interaction (likes, comments, etc.)
  • Influence and scope
  • Impact per interaction

What kinds of media (pictures, videos, carousel posts) do best and which ones underperform?

Filtering data by time period and content type is necessary for measuring campaign objectives. You can learn more about your audience’s preferences for content by comparing the performance of different posts using this information. You may find, for instance, that pictures of things used by actual people generate greater interest than pictures of the products themselves.

Check Out Post-Specific Metrics

Open the post you’re interested in and then click View Insights in the post’s bottom left corner to examine its data.
To see additional analytics for that post, simply drag them up. Likes, comments, and shares appear at the very top.

See what people did after viewing this post by clicking the “Actions” button. Instagram keeps tabs on the following:

  • How many times people have seen your profile
  • A follower is an account that has decided to start following you.
  • Clicks on Links in Your Company Description Referral traffic to your website
  • The number of individuals who saw your post but aren’t following you is displayed first in Discovery.

Following that is the post’s total reach and impressions. You’ll also discover a summary of the sources that informed these thoughts:

  • Home – Readers who encountered the item in their feed at home
  • People who saw your post through a search query or the Explore feed
  • People who stumbled over your post via your profile
  • Visitors from a certain geographical area who saw your post
  • Hashtags – Users who stumbled onto your content while looking for a specific hashtag
  • Other Includes: DMs, saved posts, posts where you’ve been tagged or mentioned, notifications of posts where you’ve been tagged or mentioned, and posts from people you’re following.

Instagram stories analytics are available both on the main analytics page and within each individual story post.

Examine Data Across Several Stories

From the Insights site, you can view your most recent two weeks’ worth of Stories posts. You can’t interact with individual postings in this view; just aggregate data is displayed.

Instagram will automatically display how many people have seen your story.


Instagram Insights allows you to do in-app content analysis at no cost. You may use the information to better understand your target demographic, create content that will attract them, and measure the success of your advertising campaigns. Take advantage of this insightful data to inform the frequency and nature of your content releases.

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