Instagram has rearranged its video library to make browsing the content easier. In its stead is Instagram video, which combines IGTV with videos seen in users’ feeds. Despite this alteration, users may still add movies to their Stories and make reels.

The new Instagram video format and how to use Instagram videos in your digital marketing plan are discussed in detail in this post.

Instagram video: what’s the deal?

Instagram announced in October 2021 that it will merge IGTV and in-feed videos into a single product named Instagram Video. To facilitate user access to these videos, it also included a “video” menu option. Cropping, filtering, and labelling individuals and places are just some of the additional features of this video format.
Instagram’s goal with this change is to keep up with rivals like YouTube and TikTok by streamlining its video ecosystem.

Two video-sharing websites exist:

Instagram videos edited into a reel (up to 1 hour in length).
Unlike with IGTV, you won’t have to download a third-party app only to enjoy lengthier videos.

Video artists still have the option of posting their videos to Stories and sending them to their fans via direct messages.

Instagram has stated that it will aggregate statistics from both photos and videos in users’ feeds into a single measure for brands and publishers.

Commercial Instagram Videos

Ads on IGTV have been rebranded as “Instagram Instream Video Ads” with this update. Advertisements on long-form videos provide a great opportunity for brands to reach their target demographics.

Advertised videos (where the company pays to have their content seen by more people) can only be 60 seconds long.

What’s the deal with Instagram videos?

Moving forward, video postings will appear in the stream alongside the rest of the content. With lengthier movies, you’ll only get a preview in the stream before being sent to the full video when you click on it. A 60-second clip will play as a preview on the stream. If the clip is going to be utilised as an ad, it will only be 15 seconds long.

When viewing a user’s profile, you’ll see that the IGTV item has been replaced with a new video tab, which has a different icon and name. Here you may watch all of that user’s uploaded videos at once. Videos may be seen in full screen by tapping anywhere on the screen, and users can scroll down to find more from similar producers.

Instagram Video Tutorial: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

With Your Mobile Device

Videos shot with the mobile app may be uploaded in a few different ways, including to your feed, Reels, and Stories. All of these possibilities are discussed in detail below.

Video Postings to the Stream

In the upper right, you’ll see a plus sign; tap it to access the “Publish” menu.

Select an existing video from your phone’s storage or hit the record button to create a new one.

Select your preferred orientation (portrait, square, or landscape). Select “Next” to proceed.

Crop the video to your liking and apply a filter. The volume control is located on this screen. Select “Next” to proceed.

Finish up by adding a preview, profile cover, comments, and captions, tagging other users, adding a location, adding the video to a series, starting a campaign, and posting it on Facebook.

Simply select the “Share” button.

Adding Footage to Showreels

Select “Reel” by tapping the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select an existing video from your phone’s storage or hit the record button to create a new one.

Stickers, music, filters, and other video editing options are all at your disposal. Select “Next” to proceed.

You may add a cover photo, a caption, and tags to your Reel before posting it to your stream.

Simply select the “Share” button.

Video Sharing on Instagram Stories

Select “History” by tapping the plus button in the upper right corner.

Select an existing video from your phone’s storage or hit the record button to shoot a new one. You may make instant changes to the content if you pick one from your phone.

Add titles, captions, music, stickers, and more to your movie.

Select the “Add to story” button.

From a Machine

Users may now post photos and videos from their laptops straight to Instagram. Just do what I say:

Select the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner.

To upload a file, select it from your computer by clicking the “Select from computer” button.

To crop a video, simply drag & drop. Square, portrait, and landscape orientations are all available. To proceed, use the “Next” button.

Select a cover image, adjust the crop settings, then toggle the audio on or off. To proceed, use the “Next” button.

Afterwards, you may add individuals to the photo, a description, a location, accessibility options, and comments.

Done! Just click the “Share” button.

Videos cannot be added to Reels or Stories from a computer at this time, although this may change in future Instagram app upgrades.

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