There are currently 800 million people using Instagram on a monthly basis, as of September 2017. Because of this, this is a fantastic social media platform for connecting with others and exchanging photographs of what means the most to you in life.

Some Instagram users almost never share photos without using a filter, while others seldom do so. Just who is right?

Should I Use a Filter?

This subject has divided specialists. Photojournalism has been plagued by “questions of objectivity, truth, ethics, and deception” since the advent of digital editing, according to American Photo. On top of that, no one can agree on any norms that would help address this problem for good. But what about Instagrammers who aren’t keen on the commercial potential of the platform?

It would appear that the topic of the image itself is a factor. Bustle reports that when it comes to selfies, the most popular option is no filter at all, followed by Slumber, Skyline, and Dogpatch. Kelvin, Valencia, Nashville, and Skyline are all rated higher than no filter if the image is not tied to fashion. Skyline and Valencia filters are very often used on food and environment photos, although the second most popular choice is no filter at all.

In addition to sharing photos without any filtering effects, some individuals are also sharing photos they’ve processed with them. They’re having fun with their photographs while still being authentic to the people who look up to them by reminding them that what you see on social media isn’t necessarily the way it really is.

Some countries have issued statements on the contentious issue of enhancing photos to make them more attractive. To prevent people from developing eating disorders as they try to achieve unrealistic body types, France, for example, mandated on October 1, 2017, that any altered pictures of models be labelled as such.

Filtering, Supposing

If you’ve concluded that a filter would be useful, you may next choose which one to apply. Instead, go for the one that works best with the image in question.

You may need to experiment with a few different filters until you discover one that works best with that image. Clarendon and Lark, for instance, are both great choices if you want the colours in your image to truly pop out and attract the person looking at it. On the other hand, Gingham and Reyes are two filters to consider if you want a more washed-out appearance, resulting in an old-fashioned or vintage impression.

As an added convenience, you may rearrange your filter options so that your most often used filters are displayed first. The ones you never use may be tucked away out of sight.

Whether or not you decide to apply filters, Instagram is a fantastic method to stay in increase with your followers. Keep showing the world your photography and do it with dignity. Those that follow you appreciate it.

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