Instagram contests are becoming increasingly common as businesses realise the platform can help them reach a wider audience and attract new buyers. Whatever your long-term marketing goals may be, Instagram’s monthly user base of over a billion makes it the perfect location to advertise and swiftly expand your business. Good news if millennials and Gen Z adults are your main focus: they account for more than 60% of Instagram’s entire user base. Instagram competitions are a great way to get in touch with your target audience with minimal effort.

Why Hold Instagram Competitions?

It’s no secret that when high-quality material is shared, online communities become more engaged with their preferred companies. By maintaining a steady online presence and social media strategy, brands can leverage Instagram competitions to get new followers, increase Instagram engagement, and even tap into consumer loyalty. Instagram competitions and giveaways may increase your follower count by as much as 70%, and they can also help spread the word about your company or product.

Obey All Regulations And Laws

Keeping in mind the importance of earning customers’ trust, it’s worth reviewing the Instagram advertising policies. Don’t risk having your posts removed and your account barred by Instagram by running a campaign that breaks their guidelines. Make sure to add important details like eligibility rules (such minimum age and location) and a disclaimer that your Instagram contest is not sponsored, authorised, or managed by Instagram. Make sure your competitions follow any and all local, state, and national regulations.

Use a free terms and conditions template to play it safe while hosting Instagram contests. It will boost your reputation and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Contests with Comments and Tagging

It’s general known that a simpler contest will draw more entrants. And the quickest and easiest approach to increase engagement and grow your social media following is to host a giveaway based on comments. Comment-to-win giveaways are a safe choice if you want to launch a contest on Instagram quickly.

Use A Hashtag In Your Remark

The lessons of La Croix are for everyone. They frequently have Instagram comment competitions, and every time they do, participation is through the sky. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, know that entering a La Croix giveaway takes less than 30 seconds and that the entry rules are quite clear. Leave your thoughts on the hashtags we love most for La Croix and you may win! Indeed, who could possibly refuse to join in?

Competitions to Win Prizes by Using a Hashtag

Do you wish to communicate with the widest possible audience? You may easily reach more people and grow your brand’s community with one simple strategy. Just stick to Jennison’s Yoga instructions!

Jennison sought for a method to increase her social media following and bring in new business. To enter, Instagram users just needed to remark and tag two friends to be entered into a drawing. Increasing your brand’s exposure on social media and generating new leads is impossible without doing this. After I tell two of my friends about the giveaway, they spread the word and help the brand become widely known.

Open-ended questions are a great way to get people involved.

Increasing the number of interactions and, by extension, the level of engagement with a brand’s social media presence is a frequent marketing objective. As I’ve already mentioned, the secret is in the comment prizes! Make sure your entrance criteria contain open-ended inquiries if you want to strengthen customer connections simultaneously. Why? In addition, companies learn a lot about their target audience and how they’re employing the product. In exchange for participating in a survey, you may offer them free samples, coupons, or even a chance to win a prize for sharing their thoughts, experiences, or plans. Check out Gruum’s approach.

Contests on Instagram that Work With Other Platforms

Is your social media following still small despite your efforts to market your product? There is a straightforward method of handling both of these concerns.

Find popular accounts on Instagram that reach people who are similar to your ideal customer and team up with them to host a contest. In addition to expanding your customer base, you will also increase your sales potential. But if working with famous people is out of the question, don’t fret. Like Air and Mr. Tortilla, you may select a brand with complementary aims and work together to reach both of your target demographics.

Promote your brand with branded Instagram photo contests.

Do you want people to remember your branded contests? Holding a photo contest in which entrants decorate their photos with brand-provided stickers and frames is a simple and efficient approach to draw attention to your company. You may be wondering, “What makes this so unique?” Sharing this on social media will increase exposure for the brand and the visibility of the brand on social media.

Instagram Contests That Win

This post should have helped you gain a better understanding of Instagram competitions and how simple it is to interact with your target audience using the site. And if you’re just starting out, you should definitely learn some helpful ideas on creating and advertising your Instagram account before you start hosting engaging competitions for your Instagram followers.

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