Need more Instagram followers? Do you ever think of putting together Instagram guides?

Learn the secrets of making popular Instagram how-to guides from this post.

The Instagram Guides

Instagram guides are collections of material that you may edit for your audience and display on your profile page. Consider them to be the Instagram equivalent of blog entries. Guides allow you to group posts together under a common theme, then present them to your audience with brief descriptions and CTAs that encourage them to take the next step.

Static posts (such as reels and image posts) from any public account can be used into guides. That means you can incorporate content from other accounts, such as those of influencers, consumers, or partners, into your guides. Guides, which can include up to 30 entries, are useful for providing in-depth information on a subject or theme-based recommendations.

Instagram tutorials can be bookmarked just like any other article. That means you may tell people to bookmark your instructions and come back to them whenever they need help. To keep readers interested and coming back for more, you can add to, rearrange, or fully rework your guide’s content.

A Tutorial on Making an Instagram

A step-by-step Instagram guide can be made in a short amount of time. Let’s go over the steps involved in creating and maintaining a guide.

Choose Your Instagram Strategy for the Guide

Determine your approach beforehand. Do you want people who follow your business on Instagram to check out your eCommerce offerings, discover your physical locations or the companies you’ve partnered with?

Next, settle on a plan for the content of your manual. Will your site exclusively feature information from your company? Instead, you might highlight user-generated content (UGC) from customers or influencers, or you could select content from partners.

Organise Instagram Posts

The next step is to gather the information that will go into the guide. You can do a search and include the results into your guide right there and then. However, I find it simpler to organise my thoughts by storing relevant materials in a separate folder.

Use Instagram’s bookmark function to save posts for later use in a private collection. Keep in mind that you may create groups of posts with any names you like by tapping the save button.

Create an Instagram How-To Manual

You may now begin constructing your Instagram guide after you’ve completed the preliminary planning stages. The platform’s mobile app should be used first. Neither the desktop version of Instagram nor the Meta tools, Business Suite or Creator Studio, allow for the creation of Instagram tutorials.

Find your organization’s profile on Instagram, touch the + sign at the top right, and then tap Guide. Keep in mind that the Guide option is not available via the shortcut menu at the bottom of the screen but rather via the entire Instagram content creation menu.

Instagram Optimisation Tutorial

The next step is to give the manual and each item a name and a brief description. Here are some ways to improve the content of your guides:

Don’t get all title-happy on me. Do you plan on including detailed instructions, or simply a collection of suggestions on where to go and what to buy? Maintaining uniformity in your titles can ease the burden on your readers and entice them to read until the very finish.
If you want more taps, use descriptions. Guide descriptions are not required but can greatly improve traffic to the original content. Create curiosity or add calls to action by using them.
Get your guides search engine ready. Instagram has recently started promoting user-generated material that is search-friendly. Include relevant keywords in the title and description of your tutorials to improve their discoverability on and off the site.

Promote Your Instagram Tutorial

After finalising your guide’s optimisation, you may finally release it for public consumption. To save a draught or move on to the next step, click Next in the top right. Keep in mind that you may check out the guide’s final form in Preview mode.

Your Instagram profile will automatically update the guidelines section to include any guidelines you create, post, or save as a draught. While your followers can view your guides in your profile, they won’t appear in the grid or feed.
Since you can’t assume that your followers will click through all of your profile tabs, you’ll need to actively market your instructions to increase engagement. Include your tour guides in Instagram stories. Simply tap to add any reference to your narratives.

Revise Your Instagram Tutorial

Unlike feed posts, which have very few editable fields, guides include a wide variety of editable fields. Titles and descriptions are editable, as are additions and deletions. Keeping your guides up-to-date will ensure that they remain useful and attract new readers.

Click the ellipses (…) in the top right corner to access the guide editing menu. Choose Guide Edit from the main menu. You can reorder or delete items by tapping on them and opening their respective menus. Additional content can be added by tapping the Add Posts button in the screen’s footer.


Curating content, making recommendations, and showcasing collaborations are all excellent uses for guides. With the help of Instagram how-tos, you can produce evergreen content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

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