Since Instagram’s algorithm updates routinely affect how we use the app, it’s crucial to experiment with new ways to boost engagement on the platform. on this post, we’ll walk you through 8 simple methods, complete with examples you can use immediately on your own account.

One: Publish When It’s Most Effective

If you want to maximise your engagement and win over Instagram’s algorithm, all you have to do is post when your target audience is most likely to be online. You don’t want to post when no one will see it, because the algorithm keeps tabs on how soon your postings garner likes and comments.

The optimum time to publish on Instagram is very context-dependent, changing depending on your audience’s age and region, as well as the type of content you’re sharing. However, if you use Instagram for business, you can link your account to this best time to post tool to learn when to publish your content for most engagement.

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is helpful if your audience is spread across many time zones and your best time to reach them is the wee hours of the morning.

Second, Private Comms

Instagram is all about connecting with people, and one of the best ways to do so is through discussion. Instagram DMs may be used in a variety of ways to boost interaction with your account. All of them revolve on getting to know your audience on a personal level and fostering a sense of community.

Always Respond to Private Messages

Absolutely everyone! Don’t just respond with a like or an emoji; instead, engage your followers in meaningful dialogue. Humanising your brand and giving it a voice may be accomplished by revealing the face of the person behind the keyboard.

If one of your followers has a pleasant and memorable experience talking with you via direct messages, they are more likely to like and comment on your future articles.

If you want to increase interaction on Instagram, you should use the right example below rather than the left one (which is the quickest and easiest).

Talk to Others in Your Niche Market

This goes in both directions. In addition to responding to your own direct messages, you should be contacting other users and companies within your target audience.

‘Reacting’ to Instagram Stories is a simple and efficient way to achieve this. However, you shouldn’t stop there; instead, you should quickly send a message that refers back to the Story. It’s an excellent icebreaker and conversation starter, and it may help draw new individuals into your group.

It’s as simple as having more of these relationships on Instagram to increase your engagement rate.

Stickers for Instagram Stories

Adding Instagram Story Stickers to your Instagram stories is a guaranteed method to boost interaction with your posts. Instagram’s enhancements to Stories show that the company is committed to providing its users with more options to interact with one another in a social setting.

Story stickers boost your account’s engagement rating even if they don’t directly lead to more likes and comments on individual posts because of how Instagram’s algorithm measures interaction. By doing this, you’re signalling to the system that your followers enjoy your articles and find them interesting; as a result, your material will be prioritised in their feeds.

Polls, quizzes, and question stickers may be used in a variety of ways, allowing marketers to get more imaginative with their Instagram Stories. Here are some strategies for maximising their impact on Instagram:

Feedback Stickers

Who cares about what customers think? Instagram users may now solicit their followers’ thoughts on any topic with the use of poll stickers. They can be used for informal audience research, suggestions, or simply for fun.

Instagram users are more likely to interact with a post that includes a poll sticker since the results are hidden until the user casts a vote. The majority of viewers will participate in a poll due to their natural inclination to satisfy their curiosity.

Share Festive Content Across Social Media

Take advantage of the spike in Instagram traffic that occurs during social media holidays and use it to your advantage. Social media trends like #EarthDay and #WorldGinDay inspire content preparations from a wide range of companies and influencers.

Every sector and event has its own social media holiday, and it stands to reason that your target demographic would participate in the celebrations and discuss the relevant themes.

Pose A Question

If you want people to comment on your postings, make it simple for them to do so by including questions in the description. A simple call to action is effective since people’s attention spans are shorter than before.

People are happy to help out when asked for their thoughts, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Host a Contest

To enter an Instagram contest, users must interact with the post by either like it or leaving a comment. This helps the post rank higher in the algorithm and, if you’re asking them to “tag a friend,” it can also bring in new followers.

In order to boost Instagram engagement, you should work with other accounts.

Collaboration is another excellent strategy for boosting Instagram participation. When you collaborate with other companies and influencers that reach a similar demographic to you, you may introduce your content to a whole new set of consumers.

Takeovers, competitions, influencer campaigns, and business partnerships are just a few examples of the numerous types of Instagram collaborations and partnerships that exist. By working together, you may reach more people and get more people interested in participating in a contest.

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