Is increasing your Instagram following something you’re interested in?

Instagram is a great platform for business promotion, but it can be difficult to gain a substantial following.

To get you started, consider these It’s a good idea to check out what the most popular Instagrammers are posting, regardless of whether you have 5 followers or 1,000 followers. Check out the level of expertise required for the content they’re offering, whether it’s photography or something else entirely.

Consider why they have so widespread appeal. Why are people drawn to them? In what way can you emulate their success? What Instagram users want to see can be deduced from their responses to these questions. Now that you know why, let’s have a look at the profiles of some Instagrammers who have a large number of followers and see what kind of content they share.


People love to follow the famous, and while you can’t precisely become famous to increase your Instagram impact, it’s worth mentioning that people do. The top ten most followed accounts on Instagram are all celebrity accounts, from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift. Tell me what this means to you. Being well-known in other circles helps you gain followers on Instagram. Developing an offline profile can have an effect on how successful your online profile becomes.

The Pictures Are So Pretty

It stands to reason that a network catering to the visual arts will do well with outstanding visuals, given that aesthetic appeal is a key factor in network success. Look no further than blogger Hannah Queen’s 43,000+ following on Instagram for evidence. Brands like National Geographic and Nike are capitalising on this trend by sharing engaging visual content with their audiences. Can you draw any conclusions from this? Posting the most visually appealing photographs you can muster will increase your Instagram following even if you’re not a skilled photographer. Take photographs that look like they belong in a glossy magazine.
Here are a few more suggestions to keep in mind when snapping photographs:

a) Take the photo using your phone’s camera first, then upload it to Instagram; this will allow you more creative freedom when editing the photo. The Shake claims, “You will discover that the native camera shoots better images, responds faster, and is better capable of making adjustments for lighting. Instagram’s camera isn’t the best option if you want crisp, in-focus photos that reflect your aesthetic preferences.

b) Make use of an editing programme: VSCO is arguably the most well-known editing app for smartphones, providing users with a variety of tools, including cropping, brightening, adjusting contrast, applying filters, and more. To get the most likes on Instagram, edit your photos first. Look through the pictures that have previously been tagged with #VSCO to get ideas.

c) Many Instagram photographers use this technique: shooting an object against a plain background of white, black, or another colour. Designer Amanda Jane Jones, for instance, has almost 36,000 people who follow her on Instagram. Her most recent Instagram post, which featured hands holding popsicles against a white background, was liked more than 3,000 times.


What do the stores Forever 21 and Bon Appetit have in common with the blog A Beautiful Mess? At the very least, they’re all an inspiration to their legions of Instagram followers. These Instagrammers understand their audience and cater to their desire for inspiration in a variety of ways. What do you learn here that you may apply to your own Instagram practise? Provide value to your audience in a way that is pertinent to your brand.

Produce Effective Content

Take a cue from the fitness company Lululemon and inspire your followers with inspiring Instagram photos and captions.
Whether it’s a mountainside photo with the words “Disrupt your daily routine” or a stark winter scene with the lines “Choose your own adventure,” Lululemon’s photographs often feature a combination of stunning scenery and inspiring captions.

Last Words

The Instagram posts up top are only the beginning; you can constantly get fresh ideas by observing what works for others. Which Instagram users do you find most interesting and why? Think about why you enjoy following them. There is a good chance that the answer to that question will lead you to more suggestions for enhancing your feed and making it more valuable to your followers.

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