The best fitness influencers and trainers from around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more can be found on this 2023 Instagram ranking.

Female fitness influencers and Instagram’s most followed trainers of 2023: a global ranking

Follow the lead of these influential professional female fitness athletes and personal trainers who are using Instagram to encourage more women to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Below are the top 10 most followed female fitness influencers and personal trainers on Instagram.

Female fitness influencers and Instagram’s most followed trainers of 2023: a global ranking

Researching and reading about the current issues and criticisms the fitness business is facing is essential before briefing one of these top fitness influencers on Instagram.

The fitness business has been heavily attacked for encouraging traits like narcissism, selfishness, and ego among its target demographic of young women.
If you want to connect with fitness micro-influencers that have a smaller but more engaged fan base in your region, you may utilise one of the finest influencer platforms to do it.

Issa Las Vegas

There is no guarantee that the most popular women in the fitness industry will also be the best match for your company. It has been said that certain well-known fitness instructors and weight-loss gurus promote unrealistically slim ideals by marketing clothing lines made from inexpensive, very hazardous synthetic fibres. Since Instagram’s retail checkouts facilitate impulsive purchases, they appear to specifically target women with low self-esteem.

Put simply, number eight, Amanda Lee

Many of the most prominent and influential female fitness models and personal trainers on Instagram also advertise themselves using Instagram marketing advertising and other channels. Some of them are featured on major network shows, reality series, YouTube, or in partnerships with major international companies.

Ana Cher

An Alert to Marketers. I have something to inform you before you launch your next fitness influencers outreach effort that you are likely ignoring.

Your firm will not benefit from using Instagram.

Your Instagram postings may only be seen by 2% of your followers if you’re lucky. How bizarre! Thousands of Instagram advertisers are being negatively impacted by this.
You’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort to grow a following on Instagram that does not belong to you.
You can’t take your Instagram followers with you to a different service, like your own customer relationship management system.
The amount you spend on Instagram advertisements to acquire a single consumer is ridiculous.

Jen Selter

Instagram live badges are a new feature planned for release in November 2021 that would facilitate the monetization of Instagram accounts belonging to fitness coaches. During an Instagram Live broadcast, viewers may donate money in the form of “badges.” The idea of “badges” is a takeoff on the widely used “tip” system used in live streaming platforms like Twitch and TikTok.

Live Instagram videos are a great way for fitness instructors to make money, since viewers can pay to be recognised in the comments and gain access to bonuses like the creator’s badge holder list and a special heart.

Yaneth Garca

The hilarious videos of Australian YouTuber Ozzie Man Reviews propelled Yanet Garca to fame as Mexico’s most popular weather tv presenter. Yanet Garca is a health and fitness instructor now, and Ozzie Man is still one of the most subscribed to Australians on YouTube.

Michelle LeWin

This American fitness babe sprang to fame because to her amazing behind. The “Instagram star” fitness queen boasts about her ab-sculpting routines on the photo-sharing app.


Working with popular fitness bloggers, especially women, may do wonders for your fitness brand’s online visibility. You may boost your fitness brand’s credibility, readership, and sales by partnering with influential women in the fitness industry. People are more likely to make a purchase from an influencer they respect, follow, or trust. Get in shape with a buddy, a personal trainer, or someone who shares your goals.

When clients fail to adequately inform influencers or when the influencers’ reach alone is insufficient to deliver the intended effects, most influencer marketing efforts in the fitness sector are squandered.

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