You can also mail donations to;

Independence Corps/Spartan Alliance

          13770 Noel Rd. 803524

                Dallas, TX 75240

What makes Spartan Alliance different: We are 100% All Volunteer.

Every donation goes directly back to the Veteran programs we promote

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Our Mobility Program provides disabled veterans the chance to get back outside so that they can enjoy the outdoors through a variety of devices that include all terrain wheelchairs. Help us give a Veteran back their freedom

The Extreme X8 electric wheelchair by Magic Mobility is the "most compact" 4WD  chair on the market. ​​Experience ultimate, off-road freedom with this 4X4,

The Action Trackchair is patented for its design and functionality, with features unmatched on any other tracked or all-terrain wheelchair. The electric tilt mechanism allows the user to easily stay level in their Trackchair while traversing hills and uneven terrain.

In order to qualify for a mobility device you must be 50% independently rated for mobility, or 30% and higher for a service-connected incurable autoimmune  disease, such as MS or ALS

With all wheel drive, two 24-volt 4-pole high-torque motors for outstanding low-speed torque, and optional folding blind for hunting, the Freedom 6x6 can truly take you where you want to go!