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Reels vs. IGTV vs. Stories: Make the Most of Instagram Video

According to recent reports, Instagram, the world’s most famous “photo-sharing app,” is now trying to position itself as a video and entertainment platform. It implies that if the business needs to keep current, it’s time to expand your Instagram social media marketing beyond square images to incorporate video content. Instagram is keen to compete with YouTube & TikTok and has begun favoring video over images. So if you want to remain relevant on the site, include video in your marketing plan. There are now three distinct ways to upload video content on Instagram: Reels, IGTV, & Stories. What you want to know to achieve success with each of the three different forms is as follows:

1. A new Instagram Feature called Reels.

Reels is a new video player in the Instagram ecosystem. They are essentially Instagram’s take on TikTok-style short films. Reels can last up to 60 seconds, although most are in the 15 to 30-second range. Instagram makes it simple (and desirable) to modify your Reels directly from the app. On-screen buttons enable you to add a soundtrack, filters, as well as a variety of other effects to your video content. Although the content is exceptionally brief, Reels currently has the longest-lasting video posts on Instagram. As they’re new, Reels have garnered a lot of attention recently, and the Instagram algorithm may pick up on yours any time. So this may be the most excellent chance to buy Instagram reels views and get noticed by new prospects on the site.


IGTV is a video format that allows for the display of lengthy, high-quality films. If you post your IGTV material through the web, it may be up to 60 minutes in length. Consider IGTV to be Instagram’s answer to YouTube. It’s ideal for carefully edited, television-quality, in-depth content.

IGTV is the ideal format for businesses to display how-to material or instructive videos. Additionally, you might utilize this style to showcase lengthy interviews. Certain companies are using IGTV to produce their kind of “video podcasts” to advertise their company.

It’s critical to understand that, at the moment, one of the disadvantages of IGTV is that it doesn’t (yet) act as a search engine in the same way that YouTube does. Typically, the only convenient method to discover IGTV content is via a brand’s current Instagram page. If you are looking for a more in-depth approach to connect with your audience, you can buy IGTV views to acquire a sizable Instagram following.  

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are similar to what would happen if Snapchat & Facebook Live had such a love child. They don’t even have to be entirely video material; you may include static photos, stickers, and text as well. Instagram Stories is the platform’s most participatory format – you can make polls, embed posts, or collect audience comments. Additionally, you may go live and engage with Users in real-time. On the other hand, Instagram Stories are the most transient, lasting only 24 hours (unless you designate them as “Highlights” on your profile). Additionally, Instagram Stories are easily discoverable since they have their tab at the top of the application and displayed in search results. Therefore, if you have some breaking news to communicate that your audience wants to hear NOW, Stories may be the correct format for you.

5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips

There is no doubt that Instagram users favor watching video content instead of looking at pictures or reading lengthy captions in their feeds. Video posts are more often interacted with by users on Instagram than photo posts. There is increased popularity of videos due to their ability to provide information in an understandable form. There is a natural tendency that something moving on the feed would attract more attention.

As compared to just posting images, making a video either as short as two minutes is more likely to attract user attention. They are also aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, let’s take a look at some Instagram video marketing recommendations to help you achieve better results on Instagram.

Create more educational videos

It is better to create helpful content rather than only creating promotional videos. A lot of these videos provide professional tips, user directions, and instructional videos as well. Users will feel more connected to a brand when it provides more free content, thus investing more time in it. Alternatively, a simple video with relevant information is enough. You do not need to create expensive videos anymore. All you need to do is buy Instagram auto likes to increase engagement for your videos and make more people watch the video.

Do some research

A great deal of effective content can only be created if you have a good understanding of your audience. If you are interested in learning more about the market trends and reports and case studies relevant to your niche, you can do this through research and reading. A direct message may also be left to facilitate communication and obtain feedback. Even leaving a direct message would be a great way to communicate. 

Besides monitoring your peers’ Instagram profiles, you should also review the old videos on your Instagram profile. In order to accomplish this research, you could either conduct it manually or by using a software program. The way you analyze your Instagram account can be simplified by using a number of tools like Instagram analytics tools and tools to spy on ads.

Captions are important

In the process of creating a useful video, it doesn’t mean that you can pay the least attention to the caption, just because you are creating something useful. The fact that you are creating an incredibly useful video does not mean you should ignore the caption as much as possible because you want it to be as clear as possible.  To increase your post’s chances of going viral, you must also find relevant hashtags. Increasing your search engine ranking for less frequently used hashtags will be much easier.

Make short video clips

If you’ve ever been in the position of watching a long video but didn’t finish it or saved it for later, you may have realized you never watched it. A small percentage of users watch videos all the way to the end of the video, and 68% of users watch videos that are under 60 seconds long. The best type of short video to use for Instagram is one that is approximately thirty seconds long. Moreover, the likelihood of a user viewing a video is higher after the first three seconds of the video. Therefore, the video must be well-presented and brief in order to be effective. 26 seconds constitutes the optimal location for Instagram videos. In the case of those with even a smaller attention span, a fifteen-second video or a gif might prove more effective.

By presenting bite-sized information, all information on the feed can be digested by the user as they scroll. For maximum engagement, create short and powerful videos. You should choose the right length of your Instagram video based on your audience and the type of video you are making. Ensure that this is done correctly. With free video editing software, you may adjust the length. 

Instagram Insights

Instagram insights can help you identify which videos to post and what duration is the most effective. Make sure you pay close attention to the data in the videos you make in order to improve them. Instagram has insights built-in that can be used to get basic information about your followers. In order to get a greater amount of data, the best thing to do would be to get a third-party analytics tool.


There is an extra effort involved with Instagram videos as compared to images. However, the results you get from your efforts make the extra effort well worth it. So, start today by putting them together.

6 Easy Ways To Get More Views For Your IGTV Videos

IGTV is one of the best Instagram features that allow everyone to upload 10 minutes long videos. Before the launch of IGTV, you couldn’t upload videos for up to 60 seconds, but now Instagram Tv allows you to provide longer videos to your followers. 

By using IGTV videos, you can promote your brand to a wider audience. To build a strong Instagram community, you need to grow your followers and create great content to receive more likes and views for your IGTV videos.

1.Create Quality Content

Creating quality content will help you to receive more likes and views on any social media platform. But it takes more time to get more likes and views organically. So you can easily buy Instagram TV likes to increase your video likes count. Make compelling content with good music, background, light, and length of the video. Creating a series is the most effective way to receive more likes and views for your IGTV videos because series are continuous videos that make your followers often come to your channel. 

2. Use Hashtags

If you want to maximize your Instagram account to reach more audiences, use hashtags in your video and post. Using relevant and right hashtags is the essential way to increase your content visibility. You can also add a hashtag to your IGTV videos. In a regular post, you will add up to 30 hashtags. But for IGTV videos, you can use 4 to 5 hashtags in your video description to see a better result. Use relevant hashtags on your IGTV and encourage the audience to discover your video on the platform. 

3. Find Your Target audience

It is the most important thing when you are creating an IGTV marketing strategy. Without knowing your audience, you are not able to grow your followers. Find your target audience by gender, age, location, and language. Like Instagram, IGTV also offers some tools to check your insights and increase your video views. Only with the right audience, you will succeed on the platform. After finding your target audience, create content to attract them and receive more likes and views for your IGTV videos. 

4. Post Consistently

After creating engaging content, don’t forget to post repeatedly to get more views and likes for your videos. If your audience likes your content, they expect you to post videos most often. But if you disappear for a week, then they will hate your Instagram account then they find some others to follow. Creating quality content and posting regularly helps you to get more likes and views for your IGTV videos. 

5. Communicate With Your Followers

Your audience is a massive part of your success. The more followers you get, the more your content receives a high number of likes and views. Communicate with your audience because it helps you to build a relationship with them. Create compelling content and boost your followers to give comments for your videos. Respond to the comments you receive for your IGTV videos. 

  • Like their comments
  • Ask the question
  • Reply to their comments

Make them feel excited about you and your channel. It will help them to come to your channel repeatedly. 

6. Promote IGTV Video Outside The App

If you want to reach more audiences to your channel, you should cross-promote your videos on other platforms. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and network to expand your brand and company reach. While sharing on those platforms, ask your friends to watch and share your IGTV videos to get more video views. Promoting your video on other media will reach more new audiences, and it will increase your video engagement. 

You can upload IGTV content teasers in your Instagram reels which helps to inform you about your brand and its importance. When you buy Instagram reels views for your videos, it will appear on the user’s screen. Many Instagrammers have started to buy reels views to reach among the Instagram global community.

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