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5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips

There is no doubt that Instagram users favor watching video content instead of looking at pictures or reading lengthy captions in their feeds. Video posts are more often interacted with by users on Instagram than photo posts. There is increased popularity of videos due to their ability to provide information in an understandable form. There is a natural tendency that something moving on the feed would attract more attention.

As compared to just posting images, making a video either as short as two minutes is more likely to attract user attention. They are also aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, let’s take a look at some Instagram video marketing recommendations to help you achieve better results on Instagram.

Create more educational videos

It is better to create helpful content rather than only creating promotional videos. A lot of these videos provide professional tips, user directions, and instructional videos as well. Users will feel more connected to a brand when it provides more free content, thus investing more time in it. Alternatively, a simple video with relevant information is enough. You do not need to create expensive videos anymore. All you need to do is buy Instagram auto likes to increase engagement for your videos and make more people watch the video.

Do some research

A great deal of effective content can only be created if you have a good understanding of your audience. If you are interested in learning more about the market trends and reports and case studies relevant to your niche, you can do this through research and reading. A direct message may also be left to facilitate communication and obtain feedback. Even leaving a direct message would be a great way to communicate. 

Besides monitoring your peers’ Instagram profiles, you should also review the old videos on your Instagram profile. In order to accomplish this research, you could either conduct it manually or by using a software program. The way you analyze your Instagram account can be simplified by using a number of tools like Instagram analytics tools and tools to spy on ads.

Captions are important

In the process of creating a useful video, it doesn’t mean that you can pay the least attention to the caption, just because you are creating something useful. The fact that you are creating an incredibly useful video does not mean you should ignore the caption as much as possible because you want it to be as clear as possible.  To increase your post’s chances of going viral, you must also find relevant hashtags. Increasing your search engine ranking for less frequently used hashtags will be much easier.

Make short video clips

If you’ve ever been in the position of watching a long video but didn’t finish it or saved it for later, you may have realized you never watched it. A small percentage of users watch videos all the way to the end of the video, and 68% of users watch videos that are under 60 seconds long. The best type of short video to use for Instagram is one that is approximately thirty seconds long. Moreover, the likelihood of a user viewing a video is higher after the first three seconds of the video. Therefore, the video must be well-presented and brief in order to be effective. 26 seconds constitutes the optimal location for Instagram videos. In the case of those with even a smaller attention span, a fifteen-second video or a gif might prove more effective.

By presenting bite-sized information, all information on the feed can be digested by the user as they scroll. For maximum engagement, create short and powerful videos. You should choose the right length of your Instagram video based on your audience and the type of video you are making. Ensure that this is done correctly. With free video editing software, you may adjust the length. 

Instagram Insights

Instagram insights can help you identify which videos to post and what duration is the most effective. Make sure you pay close attention to the data in the videos you make in order to improve them. Instagram has insights built-in that can be used to get basic information about your followers. In order to get a greater amount of data, the best thing to do would be to get a third-party analytics tool.


There is an extra effort involved with Instagram videos as compared to images. However, the results you get from your efforts make the extra effort well worth it. So, start today by putting them together.

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